Surf City Sally & Malibu

$ 24.99

Was conquering waves at age 7 as a topflight amateur from Surf City on the Outer Banks where onlookers were already calling her Surf City Sally. Learned Huntington Beach held trademark for Surf City. Convinced her family to move to California where she fully developed her legendary surfin’ skills and rivalry with Mavericks Mavy. Discovered Bali Bobbi on a trip to “the Park” in Real, Quezon. Graduate of Pepperdine with a degree in Marine Biology, still surfs every day. Plans to take a year off from work to train and compete for the USA Olympic surfing team.

  • Mantra “I’m homeward bound, where I’ll be shootin’ the curl…in Surf City!”
  • Home Break Surf City, but still heads up to Malibu to meet up with Pepperdine surfers
  • Fave Surf Spot “Any town called Surf City; also, very fond of Ghost Tree and Mavericks”
  • Bust Out Move 180 degree Air Reverse—“Bobbi does it to perfection, but I did teach her”
  • Fuels up on Anything with walnuts, almonds, or avocado
  • Best Surf Memory “Endless hours surfin’ with Bali Bobbi”
  • Best Beach Buds “Number 1 is my dog and Surfer Pet, Malibu (Bu-Bu); for surfin’ pals, it’s Bali Bobbi and Mavericks Mavy”
  • When Not Surfing Playing with Bu-Bu to relax, reading, listening to surf music from the 50’s & 60’s
  • Advice for Groms “Listen to your teachers and never, ever, ever stop learning!”

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