Mavericks Mavy & Wavy

$ 24.99

Grew up San Francisco and Marin County, her Mom and Dad started to teach her to surf at age 5. Became a top amateur along with her rival, Surf City Sally. Really blossomed when friends suggested she travel down the coast to Ghost Tree and Mavericks. Became famous for her courageous airdrops; nicknamed Mavericks (which suited her personality). Really smart, went to Stanford. With classmates, started some of the early tech firms. Now retired, still surfs every day; consults with start-ups (reminding her of what it’s like to be a grom their first day on a board).

  • Mantra “Get up early and go surfin’—makes the rest of your day a breeze!”
  • Home Break Palo Alto, also Taholah in Washington and Cannon Beach in Oregon
  • Fave Surf Spot “Mavericks, period, end of story for me”
  • Bust Out Move Zero G Airdrops, preferably from at least 10 feet
  • Fuels up on Once a week, a bear claw at Happy Donuts, but usually fun salads and yogurt
  • Best Surf Memory “My first day at Mavericks and my first really big airdrop there!”
  • Best Beach Buds “I’ve always loved dolphins—my fave is Wavy, who jumps on my board with me whenever she’s around (and loves airdrops as much as I do!)”
  • When Not Surfing “Sharing what I learned to help young entrepreneurs get their sea legs!”
  • Advice for Groms “Take school and learning as seriously as surfin’; with luck and hard work, you too can retire young and surf every day the rest of your life!”

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